Knockout Those Breakouts!

Fight Acne With A Knockout Acne Solution!

Our exclusive system that perfectly blends years of dedication, the latest technologies, potent ingredients, and perfect formulations into an effective skin care solution that Activates, Stimulates, Repairs, Nourishes and Maintains skin health.



ACTIVATE™, the key active ingredient, targets the source of the problems to:

  • • REDUCE hyperseborrhea (overproduction of sebum) & hyperkeratosis (thickening of the skin outer layers)
  • • PREVENT inflammation
  • • STOP acne-causing bacteria


Smart, multitasking ingredients work deep within to:

  • • REJUVENATE the skin’s natural barrier
  • • STIMULATE dormant skin cells


ß~White™, a whitening peptide, helps to:

  • • FADE away dark spots caused by acne
  • • BLUR fine lines and wrinkles for luminous skin


Provides nourishment and enables skin to:

  • • HEAL properly and naturally
  • • REGAIN its natural, healthy state


With continuous usage:

  • Problems are PREVENTED from reoccurring
  • Skin MAINTAINS its healthy glow
Aqua+ Series

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